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Freelance health & wellness writer/musician/ mom of two boys. Editor of Illumination’s Mirror

And here’s how you can do it too

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I’ve been writing on the platform for a year now. When I first started, I only had about a 30% curation rate with my articles. Recently though, my curation rate has jumped up to 90%.

As I started analyzing my articles, I’ve noticed a trend among all my curated articles. Here’s what I learned.

Factors that play into curation

Headlines and Formatting

Articles with the words “you, your, or How-to” articles have a higher chance of curation. And so are the listicles with numbers in the title. Your headlines also have to be catchy, but not clickbait.

How well you structure and format your stories matters a lot…

My story as a musician, wife, mother, and writer

Image Courtesy of Author

I’m a classically trained musician, wife, and mother of two rambunctious boys. Recently, I became a writer on Medium.

I like to live a peaceful and spiritual life and to enjoy every moment. I always remind myself that life is short so I’d better make the most of it.

In the past, I lived a humble yet satisfying life as a musician. Music has always been a driving force in my life. I’ve played music, taught music, and committed my whole life to music. My favorite music quote is: “Without music life will B flat.” by Dulcinea Martinez ♪♪♪


Except for tech writers

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Recently, Medium rolled out a Creator Fellowship Program to reward selected writers with a minimum $200 a month guarantee. To my surprise, many top writers — including me — haven’t been invited to the program. Medium didn’t send me an official invitation via e-mail.

But from reading posts of other writers, it looks like I’m not alone. Many top writers such as Samra, Ted Rivers haven’t been invited either.

So if you are reading this and you were waiting for an invitation, know you are not alone. Lots of top writers were expecting it but didn’t receive it. I’m a…

6 ways to get yourself back on a healthy path

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The pandemic introduced a lot of changes into people’s lifestyles. It caused many to fall off their healthy eating wagon and pick up unhealthy food habits.

With looming stress and prolonged lockdown, many people have increased their intake of processed foods and fast food take-outs. One study showed that 75% of people gained up to 16 pounds during the pandemic.

But there’s good news for those wishing to get back on track. If you’ve resorted to unhealthy eating habits and wish to break the cycle, follow these steps.

Adopt an 80–20 rule

If you try to avoid bad foods altogether and adhere to a…

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If you are a writer, then writing should be on your mind. Investing in yourself is crucial, and so is writing every day.

And one way to ensure you stick to writing is to be okay with saying “no.” The world is full of temptations. You may be tempted to forego writing over another activity. But you’d be better off if you stuck to your guns.

If writing is dear to you, take it seriously and practice your skills.

If you want to say “yes” to writing, say “no” to other things. There is no shame in doing that. You…

This little technique is a game-changer

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On days when I feel calm and relaxed, I get more writing done. But there are days when I’m overly stressed or anxious, and I feel like I’m in a writing jail.

That’s when I have a topic in my head, but I can’t get my brain to work for me. Thoughts run wild in my mind and, like an inexperienced juggler, I can’t catch them all at once. As a stay-at-home mom and a caregiver, my brain gets overloaded. I feel like I’ve been caught in a mousetrap. I’m stuck.

But, luckily, my trusted friend comes to my rescue…

This amazing discovery will help scientists reduce the impact of pollution on our environment

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Global pollution poses a significant environmental threat. And one of the most urgent problems causing pollution is plastic waste.

Plastic pollution poses a significant threat to our environment. Plastic bags and plastic bottles are two main contributors to plastic waste. About 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans.

According to The Guardian, out of 1 million plastic bottles, only 14% get recycled. The production of plastic has been growing exponentially, and by 2050, it is expected to double.

The effect of plastic on our environment

Millions of living organisms are affected by plastic every year — from birds to marine animals. Animals such…

The right mindset will help you get there

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“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

— Paulo Coelho

Whether you realize it or not, life is all about challenges. The question is, are you prepared to fight them to reach success?

The journey to success isn’t smooth; it’s more like a tortuous path with many curvy turns. In every area of your life, you will encounter challenges.

Challenges are empowering as they serve as building blocks of success. Success comes to those who embrace the obstacles and fight them like a champion.

To grow one needs to experience challenges. Challenges…

“Posting a quick thought or a long story” sounds good to me

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I just opened my Medium browser and the message “Post a quick thought or a long story. It’s easy and free” was screaming at me. And frankly, I couldn’t resist and said to myself “ I have to type something to satisfy Medium’s craving for new content. The problem is, I don’t yet have a complete story ready to go.

So I’ll just post a quick update on my life.

Today is Saturday, and it’s 6 pm Eastern standard time as I’m typing this. My family and I just indulged in a scrumptious salmon dinner with lima beans and corn…

Kristina Segarra

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