Putin’s Propaganda Is Spreading Like Wildfire

He’s a master at covering up his crimes

Kristina Segarra
5 min readMar 5, 2022


Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

As the Ukrainian crisis escalates, people in Russia are starting to panic about the economic sanctions imposed by the West and its allies. They’re now faced with the new reality of life, which is not pleasant. From long lines at banks and ATMs to rising costs, this is not the life they were prepared to live.

The Russian ruble has already plunged to record-breaking lows. Oligarchs have been hit with severe sanctions that are starting to sting. The anxiety about Russia being isolated from the rest of the world is also starting to hit.

As the war continues, Putin is losing soldiers within his army. Moscow has just acknowledged losing 498 people in the military operations in Ukraine. This is the largest loss since the war in Chechnya. And this is just within the seven days of fighting.

Many Russian soldiers weren’t open to the idea of being sent to Russia to fight. They don’t see why they should fight the war they didn’t want to fight.

And even though Putin knows innocent civilians, as well as his own soldiers, continue to die in the war they didn’t sign up for, he’s blind and ignorant, and his tactics are becoming more and more aggressive.

Putin’s regime is getting harsher

To mitigate the effects of sanctions and present Russians with a skewed reality of the war, Putin continues to spread propaganda to the Russian people. His goal is to push false narratives to people about the war to instill a pro-Kremlin and anti-West concept.

Not only that, to ensure people don’t voice opposition to the war, lawmakers in Russia have now proposed harsh penalties for those who speak up against the war. Those who post “fake” messages about the war and spread false rumors about the war will be prosecuted.

Asm chairman of Russia’s State Duma legislative body said in a statement:

“Literally by tomorrow, this law will force punishment — and very tough punishment — on those who lied and made statements which discredited our armed forces.”

On top of that, they’re going forward with massive indoctrination of Russian people in schools…



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