Russia-Ukraine Crisis Continues

Will Putin change his mind and stop the war?

Kristina Segarra
3 min readMar 2, 2022


Photo by UX Gun on Unsplash

As the war rages between Ukraine and Russia, bombing and shelling continue. We see the continued destruction of buildings and residential areas. Major cities such as Kharkiv have been hit the hardest.

Russian troops are hitting major buildings and infrastructure with hospitals and schools are now being targeted. Many innocent civilians have died, among which are children and young people who picked up arms to fight in the war.

Thousands of refugees continue to flee. Crowds of people are now living underground that has now become their shelter. Panic and chaos continue to rise.

The good news is, the Russian military army is starting to hit some roadblocks. They’ve failed to make progress as they hoped for and march further down into Kyiv.

There are many speculations why this may be happening. Reasons may be lack of leadership to logistic miscalculations. Add to that, a number of unskilled and poorly trained soldiers, who are now beginning to reassess the situation and weigh in on whether they should continue to fight. Some of them have already shown weakness and laid down their weapons.

Make no mistake, Putin has also lost a considerable number of Russian soldiers, and his troops have faced many hurdles. And given the utmost resistance of the Ukrainian army, it won’t be long before he realizes he’s out of resources. He thought the victory would be swift, but he clearly miscalculated.

The effect of the sanctions on the Russian elite

Some Russian oligarchs have already started speaking out against the war. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the invasion that has sent shockwaves through the feeble and immoral minds of the elite. But it’s actually the fact that now they’re starting to feel threatened by the sanctions imposed by the West and the allies. They’re worried about the mansions, their yachts, and that their children wouldn’t be able to attend elite European private schools.

As Lebedev, the son of an oligarch and former KGB agent said, “As a Russian citizen, I plead with you to stop Russians from killing their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. As a British citizen, I…



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