Substack Is the Next Big Blogging Platform for Writers

Why it’s the best time to start writing on Substack

Kristina Segarra
3 min readNov 6, 2021


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Many blogging platforms have recently stepped up their efforts to bring more opportunities for writers to publish their work and make money.

Quora has rolled out its monetization program.

Vocal Media has stepped up the game to become the next best platform after Medium.

And now Substack has joined the competition.

After I watched the video conversation between Tim Denning and Todd Brison talking about Substack, I was blown away by what they said.

According to these two writers, Substack is on its way to becoming the next big platform for all kinds of writers.

Substack, among many other platforms, gives independent writers a chance to publish their work, connect with their audience, and build their e-mail lists.

Since its first launch, Substack has evolved and upgraded many of its features.

Just like other platforms, it offers both free and paid subscriptions.

The future of Substack

Recently, Substack has been working behind the scenes to give writers more exposure. They’re trying to create visibility for writers and make it easier for them to find their audience.

That means if there was any better time to start writing on Substack, it is now. As Todd said, during his video conversation with Tim Denning: “When you catch something at the right time, and you’re just in the right place, you can find something that nobody will be able to find after that.”

Here is the link to the video:

Substack before and now

It used to be that anyone who wrote on Substack had to go in there and look for their audience.



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